New Commonwealth Licensing System for the RAC Sector


The Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) has been appointed by the Minister for the Environment and Heritage as the RAC Industry Board.

EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2005  people who BUY, SELL, STORE OR HANDLE ozone depleting or synthetic greenhouse gas REFRIGERANT must comply with the new LAW. Companies or people who AQUIRE, POSSESS or DISPOSE of these substances are required to hold a REFRIGERANT TRADING AUTHORISATION.

Therefore there will be no sales to companies or people without  valid REFRIGERANT TRADING AUTHORISATION.

You can download application forms from our download section.





ECP 200 EXPERT - There is no other like this in Australia!

Control panel for coolrooms and freezer rooms with compressor up to 2 HP, specially designed to provide safety, protection, control and ease-of-installation all in one unit. Allows complete control of all the components on a refrigeration system.


  • Complete control of single-phase static or ventilated refrigeration systems up to 2 HP, with off-cycle or
    electrical defrosting and direct or pump-down compressor stop.


  • Control of evaporating unit only with freon solenoid consensus or remote motor condenser consensus.


  • Guaranteed, certified safety and protection thanks to incorporated magnetothermic differential circuit breaker, which cuts the general power supply.


  • Simple wiring and live outputs.


  • Easy installation and opening thanks to new hinged cover.


  • Simple, flexible programming gives extreme versatility of use.


  • New, innovative, smart-looking design.


  • Compressor can be run in pump-down stop mode.


  • Installation times and costs reduced thanks to incorporation of control and protection in a single room-dedicated unit.


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ECP PLUS200 EXPERT - Gets even better!

Cold room control with single-phase compressor up to 2 hp. secure digital card allows better use of datalogger power for data download and elaboration. data download software is really simple and intuitive, as is the control board for functions and parameter management.

Management of refrigeration systems with three-phase compressor up to 7.5 HP and datalogger function. Magnetothermic and motor circuit
breakers acc essible on front panel allow protection while LCD display gives all the functions for total control.

Magnetothermic protection, data saving on secure digital card and lcd display, plus the innovative and winning design makes the plus expert series unique. the independent datalogging circuit complies with en 12830 european standards.



Telenet sd programme: can be downloaded free from www.pego.it


Use of secure digital memory cards for data transfer

- Instrument clearly identified with serialnumber
- Imple, user-friendly data download
- Graphics can be customised and different parameters compared
- Saved data and alarms can be displayed
- Control of compressor, condenser fans,defrosting heaters, evaporator fans and room light

Magnetothermic circuit breaker for pro-tection of refrigerating system directly ac-cessible on front panel

- Datalogger function records up to 1 year of ambient temperature and relative alarmi
- Data download on secure digital memory card
- Auxiliary relay with activation configurable by parameter
- RS485 for connection to telenet industrial supervision system

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Watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4m8tR-kD-9o


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